PR for Products: How to get press coverage for your brand

Are you a small business owner or maker/designer selling handmade, artisan or specially sourced products? Do you have little to no budget available to commission PR support? Then this is the online course for you. PR can be an expensive luxury for a small business, but it is not rocket science – you can do it yourself. This course will give you the tools, and the confidence, to start your own PR campaign and get amazing media coverage for your brand and your products.

The course is available to access now as either;

A self-paced course (i.e. receive all four modules together and complete to your own schedule)

Book via Eventbrite: PR for Products (self-paced) – £99


A four-week set course purchased with an additional feedback bolt-on (written feedback from me for each weekly exercise)

Book via Eventbrite: PR for Products (plus feedback) – £199

I’ve been handling PR for small product-led businesses for many years, achieving great press coverage in national and regional newspapers, magazines and websites. [See the retail section of my Clients page for more on my results].

My online course, PR for Products, is me giving away my PR ‘secrets’. Over four modules, I’ll give you easy and straight-forward ideas and advice; followed by regular exercises so you can practice your new-found skills. You’ll learn tried and tested PR techniques and discover how to avoid common mistakes. Along with template material to adapt for your own use, you’ll end the course armed with everything you need to start your own PR campaign today.

What’s covered?

Module 1: The building blocks to getting started

We’ll look at the benefits of PR; write your PR ‘story’, decide what you want to say and to whom; plan a campaign; and learn how to make your brand relevant and timely. The module ends with exercises to put those learnings into practice.

Module 2: Creating press material

We’ll explore the anatomy of a press release and the difference between traditional and image-led releases; learn the importance of media-friendly imagery; and create cut-out and lifestyle images. Plus more practical exercises to complete the module.

Module 3: Finding journalists and bloggers

I’ll help you identify the best media outlets for your brand; show you how to contact journalists; explain media lead-times; and look at how bloggers differ from journalists. The exercise gets you started with creating your own media contact book.

Module 4: Contacting the media

In this module you’ll perfect your pitch to journalists; learn about the dos and don’ts of contacting the media; learn tips on maintaining good relationships with journalists; plus look at how to deal with sample requests. The module finishes with an exercise which pulls together all of your course learnings and gets you started on your PR campaign.

All course materials will be sent via email (the email used for booking) within 48hrs of purchase. For those on the ‘plus feedback’ course, you will receive one module a week (total of four modules), and one set of written feedback each week. Feedback for all four modules is available for 60 days after purchase (i.e. this course is four weeks long but I understand that schedules can slip from time to time, therefore I’ve given you extra time to catch-up if needed). Contact me via Kerry [at] klcomms [dot] co [dot] uk if you have any questions.