The Wildlife Trusts

Client: The Wildlife Trusts is a UK-wide charity dedicated to protecting and preserving wildlife and wild places both on land and at sea. Visit www.wildlifetrusts.org


  • I worked in-house in The Wildlife Trusts press team as Press Officer for a couple of years (my very first PR job!)
  • I was responsible for promoting a range of projects (sustainable agriculture, Red Squirrel Week, Wildlife Week, International Dawn Chorus Day and more)
  • Highlights included a photocall involving Wimbledon tennis balls being used as nests for harvest mice (attracting global media attention!) and managing my first major PR event when a part of Essex went underwater forever as Essex Wildlife Trust opened the flood gates to preserve important saltmarsh habitats
  • I helped coordinate press activity at a national media level, and support the regional press efforts of the 47 local wildlife trusts