Client: Fashion London is a unisex fashion magazine for the capital. 100,000 copies are distributed at Tube and rail stations across London, and at four and five star hotels including The Ritz and The Savoy. The magazine is also available at London Fashion Week. Visit www.fashion.co for more information.

Activity: I write regular features for the magazine including the Fashion and the Economy page, Sustainable Fashion and Fashion and Charity column. Below is a selection of links to my published features.

Fashion London (Jan-Feb 2015)

Fashion London (Jan-Feb 2015)

Read my features How Sustainable is London Fashion Week? (scroll to page 40); The Supermarket Style Wars (page 46)

Fashion London (Nov-Dec 2014)

Fashion London (Nov-Dec 14)

Read my features ‘Champagne Supernovas’ book review (scroll to page 9); Fashion Brands Who ‘Think Pink’ for Breast Cancer (page 40); Elite and Discreet: London’s luxury market redefined (page 46)

Fashion London (April-May 2014)

Fashion London (April-May 14)

Read my features Bitcoin opens its wallet to fashion retailers (page 18); Viva la (fashion) revolution! (page 32); How your unwanted clothes can help women back into work (page 37)

Fashion London (Sept 2013)

Fashion London (Sept 13)

Read my features Fashion with a Conscience: Why the smart money is on eco fashion (page 18); The Rise of Menswear and Fashion and Charity: Help a London Child (both page 24); Fabulous Fashion for Fuller Figures (advertorial) (page 26)