Welcome to the website of Kerry Law, PR and communications professional, offering PR consultancy and editorial services. I’m here to help, whatever the level of PR support or editorial content you need.

Kerry Law

PR Services

Good PR is about much more than picking up the phone to a list of media contacts. It’s about spotting a good story, driving the news agenda and forming opinion. It’s about timing, building your brand, getting people talking about you in the right way and in the right places. And if you find yourself in a tricky situation, it’s about protecting your valuable reputation and navigating your way through a PR crisis.

I have extensive experience of managing PR campaigns and generating high-profile national, regional and international media coverage – with particular experience in the charity and the arts/cultural sectors.

I’ve spent my career ensuring the well-known names I’ve worked for get valuable coverage in newspapers, magazines and blogs, and on the TV and radio programmes, you, and millions more, have heard of!


If you manage a blog, edit a magazine, own a website or produce publicity material, you need sparkling, original and engaging editorial content that connects with your audience.

I write magazine articles, website copy and blogs for a number of titles, particularly in the eco/sustainability lifestyle sector.

You can see samples of my work via the excellent Clippings website (which displays them in a much more polished way than I ever could…). Visit my editorial portfolio here.

You can see a full list of clients, the projects I do for them, and a sample of the coverage achieved via my Clients page.

For more details follow my Twitter feed (@Amberlaw) or email me via Kerry [at] klcomms [dot] co [dot] uk.